Key figures

We are one of the leading cooperative organisations providing occupational pensions in Switzerland. Our key figures illustrate this impressively.

Current key figures

Performance as of 31/08/2023 (ytd) 4.97 %
Investment volume as of 31/08/2023 CHF 9.2 billion
Coverage ratio as of 30/06/2023 (unaudited) 110 %


Key figures as of 31/12/2022

Affiliated companies 1'768
Active insured persons 41'076
Number of old-age pensioners 6'167
Pension conversion rates in 2023 (F 64/M 65) 5.30 %
Technical interest rate (as of 31 December 2022) 2.00 %
Tariff base (generation tables) BVG 2020
Risk bearer Quote reinsurance

Fixed assets

Our fixed assets are continuously growing (in CHF million).


Thanks to a balanced asset investment, we regularly achieve a good performance (in % of assets).


Interest covers the entire retirement assets (mandatory and non-mandatory benefits).

Interest rates 2022 2023
Retirement savings capital 1.000 % 1.000 %
Special fund of affiliated companies (free resources etc.) 1.000 % 1.000 %
Employer contribution reserve 0.125 % 0.125 %
Interest on remunerations 0.125 % 0.125 %
Default interest 6.000 % 6.000 %

Coverage ratio

We aim for a secure coverage ratio to enable us to provide our benefits.

Administration costs

Thanks to a lean structure, we keep our administration costs low.

Administration costs per beneficiary

Asset management costs

Asset management costs as percentage of total expense ratio (TER)